Club Standards


Here you will find the standards for a variety of disciplines for both men and women:
**Please note that these standards are to be used as a guide only and are currently under review by the Worksop Harriers Committee**

The information has been obtained from individual athletes providing evidence such as results sheets or certificates or, in the case of some of the larger races, photographs of athletes finishing the race under the ‘finishing’ clock. The criteria for the race distance is that the course must have been verified as accurate, usually by measurement and issue of race permit, or that it took place on a standard 400m running track. If anyone has historical, or current, race information which they would like to have added to the database, with proof of course accuracy and finishing time, as stated above, then please send it to email: [email protected].

Your name will only appear if you send in your results for verification, unless your name happens to appear on the result sheet submitted by one of your team mates. Please send in whatever information you have so that we can make the database as comprehensive as possible and the Club Records as accurate as possible.

These standards took some working out, with many hours staring at graphs, figures, charts and university studies on the subject.

Bearing in mind that we are not a rambling club, we have tried to make the Bronze Standards achievable but with a reasonable amount of commitment to running and the Silver Standards achievable to runners with a good level of ability backed up by a dedicated level of training. The Gold Standards are for those with high natural ability, a love of running and a dedication to a serious level of training. Only a small percentage of club runners will achieve this higher level, although nothing would please us more than to see a lot of Worksop Harriers gaining Gold Standards. In fact, the more standards we are able to award at all levels, so much the better. It is down to us all in the club to help others achieve their goals.

Towards the end of the year just fill in the form below with all your designated and undesignated races and send on to Peter Fendley.