Senior Grand Prix

The rules may seem quite complex and the points allocation may need a mathmatics degree to work them out, but a lot of effort has gone into the design of the Worksop Harriers Grand Prix system so that it is fair and easy for club members to submit their results (just let the Grand prix adjudicator do the math!). It's all about getting those green and black vests out there, in numbers, to events throughout the year, and rewarding club members for their efforts.

PLEASE NOTE; the system is designed in such a way that it is not a foregone conclusion that the faster runners in the club will win all the prizes. As they say `you have to be in it to win it’ .

RULES  :  Click here for GRAND PRIX RULES

Grand Prix Principles

  • To ensure that Worksop Harriers are motivated to turn out, in force, in Team Races (especially in League and Championship Events).
  • To encourage Worksop Harriers to turn out in Championship Races, and give them additional rewards for medal winning performances, both as Individuals and as a Team.
  • To reward athletes who wish to enter races over and above those designated, but not to make those rewards so great that they take undue preference over designated races.
  • To enable all athletes to run a Marathon, at a time and place that suits them, and to have points awarded for their efforts. No more than 3 Marathons can be included, in an athlete's submission, for a Grand Prix season.

Grand Prix qualifying races: Click here for race list


Grand Prix Winners: 


T&F Grand Prix Winners: