London Marathon Club Ballot

As an England Athletics affiliated club associated with British Athletics, Worksop Harriers & AC can apply for a place or places in the London Virgin Marathon.  The number of places allocated to the Club depends on the number of registered first claim members over the age of 18. The Club’s current VLM allocation stands at one place.  

The draw for the ballot will take place at the end of October/early November and members will be notified via email and social media of the date the draw is scheduled to take place. 

Anyone entering the ballot must be a first claim member and be aware of the following rules:

  1. You must have paid two full consecutive membership subscriptions, including the current year.
  2. You must have entered the main ballot for this year’s  VLM and evidenced this by sending the Club Secretary a copy of your rejection email when requested.
  3. Places are guaranteed, but must be paid for by the member.  An email link will be sent to the successful member in order that they can complete the registration process by a specified date.  Failure to do this will automatically mean the place is offered to the member drawn out of the ballot in second place.
  4. You must run in standard club kit.
  5. You must not have been awarded the Club place for the preceding  two Virgin London Marathons, or have been eligible for a ‘Good for Age’ entry for the year you are applying for.
  6. You must have actively supported the Club in the current year, and from the following table, must have  volunteered  in a minimum of two events from the ‘Volunteer/Marshal’ and competed in a minimum of  two events from the ‘Competition’ column